Group IT Director – Position on Hold.

Reporting to:                          Vice President – Group CFO

Location:                                 Prague

Responsibility:                        Global IT Responsibilities

Mission statement

Formulate and implement IS strategy in alignment with Group Strategy to provide secure and user friendly IS infrastructure, applications and services to support business growth. Create the value for the company through enhancing the competitiveness and effectiveness of the IS structure and organization. Analyse and adapt new technology to improve business processes at an optimal cost, and optimal business value.

Develop a modern cloud based IS solution for the group, based on the most modern and efficient solutions, with an emphasis on user friendliness, mobility, availability, efficiency and speed. Further develop future customer solutions for i.e. data warehousing and data processing where relevant.

The Group IT Director is responsible for all enterprise systems, as well as HW and networks for all IT activities in the company. The Group IT Director is not responsible for Software development activities connected to the products supplied by the company.

The Organization

The Group IT Director will initially start in the position of Company IT Manager Czech Republic where he directly will lead  local IT Operating and Support staff. Additionally he will be responsible for leading projects teams which will go across the organisation within IT as well as Operations. Currently the IT organization counts around 30 staff, where 15 are located in Denmark, 4 in the Czech Republic and the rest worldwide.

Within approx. 9 month following his start the candidate will move from the position of IT Manager Czech Republic to the position of Group IT Director, and following this be fully responsible for the operational and strategic management of all IT issues in the company.

The reason for the introduction is to allow the candidate to be trained in the company operations and give the candidate the opportunity to focus on analysis of the current IT setup and set strategic directions for the future IT setup. This will allow the candidate to formulate and check the strategic direction towards the company general strategic direction. And as soon as the candidate takes over the Group IT Director role he will be able to roll out the strategy immediately.

Within The Challenges  for the IT Director

  • Implement standardized and high quality common processes according to company standards
  • Ensuring delivery in cluster harmonization project
  • Increase effectiveness and contribution of the IS infrastructure including customer satisfaction
  • Ensure and develop capacities for on-going projects in combination with daily CZ/Cluster business
  • Implement regional sourcing strategy and adapt local organisation accordingly


IS Strategy

  • Formulate IS strategy for (IS infrastructure, new projects) and after approval ensure execution as per standards within the budgeted costs and time schedule.
  • Maintain, Build and implement IS systems on both Group level and local level.
  • Create, Define, Develop and maintain standards and rules connected to the area of IS.
  • Ensure proper alignment of IS strategy to the Business strategy.

IS Services

  • Identify and select service providers, respecting Group sourcing strategy and guidelines, finalise service level agreements, conduct periodic reviews in order deliver IS services.
  • Where appropriate takes active personal role in negotiation with IS suppliers. Is responsible for access rights, HW, SW in line with security rules.

International network

  • Lead, manage and motivate a global team of IT professionals, ensuring that the organisation and its services are providing a valued, positive and beneficial support to the business organisation.


  • Ensures that the area of responsibility is properly organized, staffed and directed.
  • Guides, motivates and develops subordinates within HR policies and guidelines.
  • Facilitates and coordinates cooperation within the business units globally, and takes a leading role in identification of areas for joint activities and cooperation in line with the company policies and strategies.
  • Promotes team spirit and team thinking within organization, establishes and maintains communication channels.
  • Ensures and implements standard on OHS,  and business ethics.

Customers relationships

Internal Customers:

Measure internal customer satisfaction on IS services. Analyse feedback and formulate action plan and ensure implementation of the same. Lead the country IS board to use to the utmost synergy in resources and infrastructure from localities.

External Customers:

Ensure IS solutions which can be utilized by External customers and bring an additional business value to the organization. This may be in areas as data warehousing, right environment for webinars and other training sessions.

Candidate Profile 

Nationality : Not relevant

Language:  Fluent English

Education:   University Education /ideally IS field/

Reports to: Initially to Group IT Director, and after 9 months directly to VP Group CFO.

Key Competencies:

  • Leadership: Has potential to lead a global IT function with 30 people worldwide by providing strong vision, developing and implementing roadmaps, managing resources across locations and recruiting and developing talented people
  • IT Strategy: Knows the trends in IT and is able to plan and implement solutions that keep the company at the forefront with regards to systems, speed, hardware, communication, security and data storage.
  • Operations: Understands how to run a well-functioning internal IT function in a company where run-time is key
  • Processes: Drive strong IT processes including defining robust, well documented, automated and efficient processes
  • Commercial mindset: Develop IT from a mainly back office function to a function also supporting  core business by providing the necessary infrastructure to run online and real-time services for external clients. Provide understanding to commercial organization on the market for selling IT services


  • Minimum 5 years relevant professional business and managerial experience  in international environment
  • Project management experience
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Intercultural competence

Further Information

Monika Reizerova, Senior Consultant, Husted s.r.o.