Personal audit

Personal Audit represents an independent and external analysis and assessment of the professional and management qualification of the selected employees, mostly members of the management team. Personal Audit evaluates their capabilities, experience, relevant personal qualities and their social and management abilities.

When company needs Personal Audit:

  • Mergers, acquisitions
  • Changes in strategy
  • Regular evaluation of the employees
  • Career and development plans, definition of the key employees and talents
  • Changes in organization structure

Two steps

  1. Analysis of the activities, tasks and responsibilities of people, who are part of the Audit.
  2. Assessment of the professional and personal qualities of the participants (based on the international standards and benchmark).


  • Individual talks – structured interviews with the participants performed by two experienced consultants.
  • Psychological examination (standard psycho-diagnostic tools).
  • Assessment based on either individual or group behaviour (case studies, role playing, assessment centres, etc.).

The Outcome:

For the development plans:

Proposal/recommendation of the individual development plans, proposal of the training and education.

For the personal/organizational changes:

Implementation of more efficient motivation schemes, implementation of new organization structure, reduction or extension of the management structure of the company, recommendation for personal changes on certain positions. We deliver our findings, recommendations and suggested solutions in a written form, always presented personally to the relevant company representatives. The feedback to the participants focused on the support of their self-reflection, work motivation and further professional development is also part of our service.

Our Approach and Principles


All participants are informed in good time on the purpose of the Audit, the process, timing, etc. After the Audit, the main results and conclusions are communicated as well.


All information and data obtained during the Audit are strictly  confidential

Our values: We maintain high respect for the individuals.

We seek in-depth knowledge of our Client’s business.

We imply professional and individual approach.