In order to give a bit of background understanding to the company Husted s.r.o. and the strong role the company has on the Czech market it is though important to go back even before the establishment of UniqueConsult Czech Republic. You should go all the way back to 1991.

In 1991 Birger Husted was asked by a Danish exchange organization to help plan and execute a training program for young Czechs on the theme Democracy. Birger took up the challenge, but stayed a few weeks in Prague during the summer of 1991 to better understand the Czech perception of democracy. In 1992 he moved to the Czech Republic as he married one of the participants of the Czech delegation visiting Denmark. He started an office hotel called “Scandinavian House” in the center of Prague and immediately started serving Danish companies as Rasmussen & Schiøtz (today a part of NCC), Dansk Eternit A/S (today called Cembrit), Skandinavisk Industries Holding (owners at that time of furniture classics as Fritz Hansen, OD Møbler, Labofa, President and many others), bio chemical leader Chr. Hansen A/S and IT company CRI Computer Resources International. As the building for the office hotel was returned in restitution to the Czech Hunters Association the office hotel was closed and Birger continued his activities building up the IT firm CRI Computer Resources International a.s.

In 1997 he left the firm to join one of the leading recruiting firms in the Czech Republic at that time Personnel Select as Director. He left as it was taken over by the company TMP Hudson. Today the firm is called Hudson. He continued in the Scottish Executive Search firm Wrightson Urquhart, and later in the German firm Lichtwer Consult as General Manager. In 2006 he finally started to run his own business UniqueConsult Czech Republic with the joint ownership with UniqueConsult A/S from Denmark.  As he bought the shares of the Danish partners in 2014 the company was renamed to Husted s.r.o.

In June 2016 Husted s.r.o. became an Associated Member of EMA Partners International, one of the world’s largest global partnerships of Executive Search firms with offices in more than 40 countries world-wide.

Birger’s first Executive Search job in 1997 was to find leading management for the Czech partly state owned telecom firm SPT Telecom – today O2. Rapidly he got involved in finding the top management to a large number of international investors in the Czech Republic. His dedication was though first of all to the Scandinavian investors in the market, where his fluency in the Scandinavian language and his strong belief in Scandinavian value based management would make him a key promoter for opportunities to work for Scandinavian firms in the Czech Republic.

Back in the 90’s he was involved with building the management teams of some of the first Danish factories starting in the Czech Republic i.e. BKR a Velux owned production company in Vyskov. He was involved in strategic talks prior to the final decisions about where to place the factory for companies as LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, Faerch Plast. And most importantly advised the board about the start up and found the management for these companies. Many others have followed since. For many of the Danish companies it has been characteristic that UniqueConsult or Birger Husted and his team were involved from the very first activities of these companies in the Czech Republic or even the first strategic talks about whether production or other start up should be placed in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia or Hungary. The clients had all good success on the market and the Scandinavian clients have alone generated more than 22.000 working places in the Czech Republic, a number which is growing as you read.

Through the many years with the strong focus on assisting Scandinavian companies in starting up their business in the Czech Republic Birger Husted and his team has gained a very unique background and understanding of all the aspects needed to get the best management on board in Scandinavian daughter companies in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. A unique experience that cannot be copied by any other firm in this business in the Central European region.

That this know-how has been appreciated by the clients is also seen as the company continuously builds its client base among the largest Scandinavian companies. In fact we believe that very few consultancy firms –even located in Scandinavia – can count such a large number of leading Scandinavian companies in their client portfolio as can Husted s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.